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When we devalue another person in any way, it subconsciously gives us permission to treat them as though they don’t matter. When something isn’t important, we treat it poorly, harshly, unjustly. When we ignore or deny a person’s worth, we treat them with the same contempt. Oftentimes we don’t consider a small thought, mindset, habit, or action as damaging, however, these seemingly innocent fractures all too often create a chasm of divide between our fellow humanity. Friends and neighbors become enemies as we take and give permission to exploit one another’s weaknesses and differences, and every single time, pain is caused.

Devaluation is a contagious disease in society and it must be cured. You and I hold the power to be a part of that cure! The #StopDevaluation movement is a call to action to be an initiator of change. We can be the ones who begin to bring healing instead of harm by bravely seeing the value in ourselves and in others.

What does it mean to #StopDevaluation? It starts with intentionally assessing our own thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs concerning ourselves and others. If our thoughts are not generating value, we have to confront them in our own minds and choose to change the way that we think.

The #StopDevaluation movement is for those who will challenge themselves to be the change makers within culture and model justice-motivated leadership by using their power for the good of others. This means refusing to participate in gossip, rumors, slander, and bigotry. It means choosing love over hate, knowledge over bias, mercy over judgement, and kindness over insult. It means believing and speaking the best of everyone and confronting those who bring harm in healthy ways. These powerful choices will change us, and we can change our world.

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Enjoy free eBooks by #StopDevaluation founder, Dr. Melodye Hilton. Dr. Melodye’s recognition extends throughout all ages, socio-economic, and educational backgrounds through her work in corporate and local business, government, not-for-profit organizations, as well as public and private educational sectors. She is the author of several books including, Unmasking Prejudice: Silencing the Internal Voice of Bigotry and Higher Living Leadership: Influence Societal Design and an Instrument of Justice. 

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Gossip is not innocent. It might feel good to the one gossiping as they experience a dopamine rush of power, but the one gossiped about feels the pain and the hurt. Neurologically, both are harmed. Sadly, the gossiper inadvertently reveals their own lack of self-worth, value, and confidence. You cannot devalue another when you carry a healthy awareness of your own value.



Science reveals that we are wired for love and validation. When we choose to value all of humanity despite the differences, we will not only experience emotional health for ourselves, but help others to heal. People are innately drawn to carriers of hope and validation. Our desire and ability to bring validation to others reveals who we are on the inside and how our life can positively impact the world.



Prejudice is simply pre-judgment or assumption about something or someone without facts or evidence. Prejudice moves beyond race to include gender, religion, generational stereotypes, and more. It involves emotionally charged, biased opinions, ideologies, or worldviews that ultimately divide and cause emotional suffering. Every form of prejudice is scarring for those consumed in its prison and dangerously contagious for those swayed by its display.



When we genuinely ask others enough questions to help us know what it would be like to walk in their shoes, the resulting empathy validates the feelings of another and dismantles prejudice. Taking time to listen and learn allows us to understand someone’s story as it moves from an abstract event to an identifiable reality. When we can relate and connect to another’s journey, prejudice has already taken a death blow.



Power is embodied in every form of authority and leadership responsibility. It could be a parent or guardian, educator, governmental leader, employer, spiritual leader, performer, or even the news media. Injustice is any time that power is used for harm instead of for good. It is a direct outcome of selfishness—caring only about what we want at the expense of others. When our hidden motives are for personal gain, especially at the expense of others, trust will be destroyed and we will become an instrument of injustice.



When we use our influence to do what is good, we become an instrument of justice. Justice has to do with the exercise and distribution of power, authority, influence, and wealth. We have a responsibility to impact the world like no other generation has done before us. Justice defends, honors, and values. It embodies equality, truth, and fairness bringing peace to chaos. Every time we do what is right, we demonstrate a heart of justice and can positively impact our world for good.

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“We all must play a part to change the culture of devaluing others. It happens one action at a time, one mindset change at a time, even one word at a time. This community enforces that goal!” — Amber M.


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Unmasking Prejudice: Silencing the Internal Voice of Bigotry

by #StopDevaluation movement founder, Dr. Melodye Hilton

Prejudice is a word that is often associated solely with race. However, the truth is that we pre-judge all the time based upon countless factors, including gender, age, race, beliefs, politics, or any other infinite number of minute differences; it is a common habit for all of humanity to form an opinion without facts, firsthand experience, and without empathy and value for our fellow man. What if these habits changed? What if our default response was first to love, to learn, and to listen?

‘Unmasking Prejudice: Silencing the Internal Voice of Bigotry’ invites all of us to recognize and remove the hidden masks of prejudice so that we can have a hand in changing the cultural narrative and bringing healing to our land.





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