#StopDevaluation Podcast

What Can One Person Do?

ep01: my story with fadzi whande

Fadzi Whande, Global Diversity and Inclusion Strategist, shares her story of abuse of power and her process to discover the value she holds.  She is now a champion for many in her nation of Perth, Australia and around the world.

The Authors Show® Interview

ep02: my story with Annette Dickens

Growing up in North Carolina in the 60’s and 70’s, Annette shares her story of traumatizing racial prejudice. Can you imagine waking up to a burnt KKK cross with cards covering your lawn saying the “‘KKK was out to get you?”

Seven Billion Faces

ep03: my story with Karley Daniel

As Karly shares her story she says, “You have to come to peace with your broken pieces.” The majority of Karly’s childhood was filled with the broken pieces of abandonment, neglect, and abuse.  How could she come to peace in the midst of such suffering? 

What Can One Person Do?

ep04: my story with Justin Tucker

Rarely do you hear a story of drugs, gangs, violence, and fear and find a young man whose life exemplifies hope and purpose.  What led Justin Tucker to see his worth, his potential, and soften his heart for those hurting from the pain of their past?

What Can One Person Do?

ep05: my story with Rose Thomas

Rose experienced many instances of trauma, abusive relationships, and rape.  She believed herself to be ugly knowing she would never be loved. She hated herself as depression, anxiety, and self-harm were her outlets for her anger.  She later learned that it was not what happened to her but her thought patterns that were her greatest enemy.  Today, however, we see a “rose” who has bloomed into a beautiful value-generator reaching out to those who face trauma and disaster.

The Authors Show® Interview

ep06: my story with Harold Williams

From childhood it seemed that Harold was marked as the one who would never fit in or be accepted. This carried into his twenties where leaders used their position, platform, and authority to control, manipulate, and abuse their power; offering a pseudo success. He shares how he “drank the Kool-Aid” and “sold his soul” to obtain success and connection.  This is an amazing story of healing, true success both personally and professionally, and the beautiful opportunities he has to model power used for good.

What Can One Person Do?

ep07: my story with Jason Ottley

Jason’s story reveals the lifelong struggle of not being validated.  He says, “It does no good to be represented culturally if your voice has no value, power, or privilege. You are nothing more than a cultural representation.”  Don’t miss this message of advocacy for voices that are not being heard. 

What Can One Person Do?

ep08: The Science of Value

Today’s podcast is the first in a four-part series of interviews with Peter Demarest, an expert in the science of Axiogenics, which is the mind-brain science of value generation. He has influenced my life greatly through his book, “Answering the Central Question: How Science reveals the keys to success in life, love, and leadership.” 

What Can One Person Do?

ep09: Don’t Let Bias Run the Show

Devaluation always has negative impact while validation always brings health .  Today’s podcast we will learn about how our biases ‘run the show.’ We’ll learn the antidote to stopping something is to start something. We’ll learn the power of asking the right question, “What choice can I make and action can I take in this moment to create the greatest net value?” 

StopDevaluation Episode 10 with Peter Demarest

ep10: Prejudice, Evil, & Unjust Actions

Is it possible to see a person’s intrinsic worth when their actions are bad, evil, or unjust.  Prejudice and subconscious biases influence our emotions, decisions and behaviors, is there a way for a person to transcend these biases and minimize their effect?

What Can One Person Do?

ep11: Validation & the Political Divides

Science tells us that if we continue down the path of divisiveness and devaluation of one group or another ultimately it leads to the complete and utter destruction of all of us. The scientific fact reveals when we allow every form of prejudice, hatred and devaluation unchecked, it becomes self-destructive. This episode will discuss the topic of politics through the science of values-generation. Without the ability to intrinsically love there can be no healing. 

My Story with Larry Putney

ep12: My Story with Larry Putney

Larry’s MY STORY reveals the painful experiences of his parent’s divorce, bullying, and depression. Life events formed mindsets of devaluing self-worth and lack of self-confidence in this young man’s mind. His story leads to confidence and maturity as a husband, business leader, and community influencer.

Race Consciousness with Dr. Todd Mealy

ep12B: Race Consciousness Interview with Dr. Todd Mealy

Every leader, influencer, and societal architect that  has a heart to see our nations heal should listen and apply this knowledge in their sphere of influence. Dr. Todd Mealy is a history author holding his Ph.D from Penn State University. He is the Director of Equity and Instruction at The Bond Educational Group. Dr. Mealy is taking steps to launch the Equity Institute for Race Conscious Pedagogy, LLC to advance scholarship in race-centered learning while advocating for social justice. He has been an educator since 2001 and is an adjunct professor in the History Department of Dickinson College. You will learn from his knowledge but also from heart to #StopDevaluation

My Story with Justin Murrell

ep13: My Story with Justin Murrell

Our past experiences want to define us screaming lies, “I will never be good enough.” Justin shares, “I was in an at-risk structure but connected to some people who invested into me. They helped me change my life and now my journey is to do the same and recreate what has happened in my life through different parts of my city.”  Justin’s story reveals the ability to destroy the box society tried to put him in making a difference to those living in his former reality.  

The Author's Show Interview

ep14: The Author’s Show Interview

Dr. Melodye Hilton, author of Unmasking Prejudice: Silencing the Internal Voice of Bigotry, was interviewed by Linda Thompson of The Author’s show. This book was the inspiration to launch the #StopDevaluation movement. 

MY STORY with Brent Pedro

ep14B: MY STORY with Brent Pedro

Brent Pedro (Trinidad and Tobago) shares his story of devaluation through bullying and all the lies that led to suicide attempts, but then the power of validation to shift his perspectives and become a value-generator in the lives of others.

My Story Interview with Sheila Katusiime

ep15: My Story with Sheila Katusiime

Shiela Katusiime, born and raised in Uganda, shares her open and authentic story of devaluation.  It wasn’t until she was 32 years old that she was challenged to see her value.  She now has found her voice and contribution to the world as she invests in a young generation.

MY STORY with Elizabeth Forbes

ep15B: MY STORY with Elizabeth Forbes

Elizabeth Forbes shares her story of loss, sexual assault, and the lies of self-devaluation. Her life was reshaped as individuals saw and communicated value to her leading her into her present vocation as a guidance counselor in Maryland’s public school system. She now offers support and hope for those who have experienced trauma and are suffering with the lies she once believed. 

MY STORY Interview with Eloise Grobbelaar

ep16: MY STORY with Eloise Grobbelaar

In today’s episode we will talk with Eloise Grobbelaar who speaks from her own struggles with self-worth when she says, “When you do not find validation in the right places, you will look for it, in all the wrong places.” Growing up in South Africa in the midst of the apartheid, and later moving to the UK with her husband, she found herself working with special needs children and, in the process, learned powerful principles that apply to every child, teenager, and adult.

MY STORY Interview with Kevin Ikeda

ep16-B: My Story with Kevin Ikeda

Kevin Ikeda, a successful and influential businessman, shares his story of failure and devaluation. His transparency and authenticity will touch your heart and his wisdom will bring hope to the vision you hold.

MY STORY Interview with Ahelya Vargas

ep17: MY STORY with Ahelya Vargas

Emotional manipulation along with verbal and  physical abuse has the power to scar the soul and render one powerless. The crippling fear to reach out for help silences the voice as confidence is lost in the sea of shame. Ahelya Vargas’ moving story will touch your heart and reveal the power that unconditional love and safety carries to rescue the broken.

Culture of Validation Interview with Louis Dickens

ep17B: Black History & Cellular Memory with Louis Dickens

Gaining knowledge and the wisdom to apply that knowledge empowers us to compassionately be a voice of validation to those hurting from racial prejudice. If you desire to understand a race or a culture, then it is important to know the historical facts which support a collaborative voice of healing to our world. Louis Dickens reveals the painful black history and solutions for healing. If you are a white person and genuinely care, you must hear this interview. Louis and Dr. Melodye have partnered together and modeled diversity and inclusion on a deep heart level for twenty years.

Note: explicit adult description of black history and slavery

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